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  • History

    The Palais de la Bourse is one of the most perfect examples of Second Empire style architecture to be found in France. Pascal Coste (1787-1879), its architect, considered it to be the masterpiece of his career.

  • The Marine museum

    Thanks to its age and particular responsibilities and duties, the Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce has built up and conserved priceless historical archives which it has made accessible to researchers since 1913. One of its objectives has been to illustrate Marseille’s maritime, commercial and industrial past. Whether humble or prestigious, these testimonies to an illustrious [...]

  • 1599-2013, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry promotes creativity

    In managing the candidature and implementation of Marseille Provence 2013 European Capital of Culture, Marseille Provence CCI has clearly given a region-wide scope to this extraordinary event.